Gold Sequins for the Birthday Girl | Carr&Lucy


Carr heard what she had to say and calmly turned back to return his Skarmory to his ball. Placing it back into his pocket, he walked forward to catch up to Lucy. He gently took hold of her hand and gave it a soft squeeze. “Then let’s go. We’ll handle signing everything and make it legal.” he smirked.

It was going to be quite a surprise to many people when they found out the bomber was hitched to the Pike Queen in Hoenn.

Lucy smiled as he squeezed her hand with reassurance. Happily she squeezed his hand back. “Yes, let us go. I honestly think this is the best day of my life. I have never been so happy.”

The twosome we’re quite a sight. The strange looks from those in the office made her chuckle. No matter what Carr had supported her, took care of her, and could fuck her into oblivion. What more could she want in a man? With pride she stared down at the ring on her finger. She never thought she would get married. For the first time in Lucy’s life, she felt an incredible amount of hope for the future; of their future together.

As the justice of the piece declared them husband and wife, Lucy could not wipe the grin from her place. ‘Shall we go to dinner, to celebrate?”

Gold Sequins for the Birthday Girl | Carr&Lucy


Carr knew she was petrified of flying. When she grabbed his hand and moved on, it didn’t take his Skarmory long to take off. Feeling her holding him tightly, Carr kept calm for the duration of the flight to the mainland. His free hand moved to gently rub at Lucy’s arms to reassure her that she was safe with him. It meant a lot that she trusted him and he knew it. He wasn’t about to abuse that.

The flight was relatively short which made Carr feel a bit better about how long they had to be in the air for Lucy’s sake. Landing on the mainland, the Skarmory stood still waiting for the passengers to get off his back. Carr smirked a bit before patting Lucy’s one arm. “It’s over and you’re safe. We are now on the mainland.”

Lucy let out a little yelp as they took off and she closed her eyes tight. As they flew her breath became labored in fear. When car began to stroke her arm,  she seemed to calm down a bit. This is the most she had trusted anyone her life, even if she was petrified. How could anyone do this? It was so dangerous! You could so easily fall to your death!

“Thank Arceus that was dreadful….” It did not take long for Lucy to jump off the bird and land on her feet. She walked a head a bit, and then turned around to smile. “It is here lets go,” she extended her hand, out to him, “We do not want to miss our own wedding.”

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I look forward to your return Lucy. Perhaps we can even meet up at some point.

I guess I left a good impression…

Gold Sequins for the Birthday Girl | Carr&Lucy


Carr was completely stunned hearing Lucy was willing to try flying on birds when she had an absolute fear and dislike of them in the first place. The little man shifted his hands to his belt and easily brought out the pokeball containing his Skarmory but left the bird inside. “Yeah, I have one that can handle us. No worries, he won’t let anything happen to you and I won’t either.” he smiled only to reach over to stroke the tears away while she was still at his level.

“Just tell me where to go and we’ll get there.” Carr felt like he was on cloud nine in a way not believing it was finally happening. He was content for a change and knew he was going to continue being a very happy man. Some thoughts crossed his mind about where he would be taking up residence but he could handle moving to Hoenn.

Shifting, he moved only to kiss her wife to be once more. He slipped outside where he released his steel winged bird and cracked his own neck knowing the bird could handle them. The pokemon looked like he wasn’t able to but Carr knew he was stronger than he appeared. “Whenever you are ready, we’ll go.” he murmured turning back only to offer his hand out for Lucy to take when she was content to go.

It was easy to read in Lucy’s face that she was nervous over the whole flying thing. That was what bravery was though, right? Still being horrified of something yet going through with it. She took a deep breath and smiled uneasily at him. The scared look on her face eased a bit as he wiped the tears from her face. “You are the only man other than my father I have ever trusted.” She could feel more tears well up in her eyes, which she quickly wiped away

“There is not one on the island which we are located. We are going to have to go to the mainland.” Unlike Carr, Lucy’s job was not static and she did not move from place to place. She was the Pike Queen of the Battle Frontier in Hoenn, where she had to stay.

Timidly, Lucy stepped outside. When in battle, Lucy was able to not be bothered by bird Pokemon, since she would basically clip their wings.  Here in front of her was a bird which she was about to get on. Lucy reached out for his hand and then pulled back for a moment and looked to the side. With a gulp, she extended her hand fully and used him for leverage to get on back of the bird. The moment she was on the Skarmony, she clung to him tightly. “Go!”

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